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19 Responses to will Chelsea win premier league without Diego Costa

  • their discussions are not very professional, it like two men at a pub.

  • The title need a change it should say: Without Deigo Costa will Chelsea win the premier legue?
    Deigo Costa is my hero!

  • Conte's only excuse is if Costa slept with his wife or something, absolutely retarded move

  • …definitely not lukaka….

  • LOL..Conte is in a very risky position cos if whoever he gets does not perform as well as Costa, he will get hammered by the press. The classless Chelsea fans who turned on Mourinho will turn on him too. Next season is gonna be fun! Costa will get a big salary and go elsewhere for sure.

  • Giroud?

  • If you didnt sign player, media and fanz will start crying, if you sign players, media and fanz will still be crying saying managers dont use academy players, many times i wonder, what do people really want?
    Solanke left Chelsea bcuz of no playing time, people are shouting, and the same set of people will still want the manager to sign a worldclass,

  • Icardi

  • this mf makes everything so difficult, shit!

  • If it is true that Diego Costa won't be part of Chelsea next year, then Chelsea should send him to PSG and get Cavani. Even if PSG will ask for more money, Chelsea should go for this deal.

  • Come on. Lets be fair. Chelsea won the league with Costa missing the later half of the season. He's replaceable. And why suddenly everyone believe what Costa says?

  • Hearing these guys talk especially the guy on the left just annoys me so much

  • Diego Costa was overrated. He was never one of the indispensable players for Chelsea. Those players are Kante and Hazard. Costa was good but his figures weren't that great for a striker surrounded by so much wealth of talent. He's no Harry Kane, Lukaku, Alexis Sanchez (who isn't even a proper striker), Aguero etc. Chelsea can improve by getting a better clinical finisher.

  • Are these guys really saying costa is better than lukaku ? Cmon now put costa on Everton and see how far he can take them

  • these guys are nuts

  • belloti

  • I will not understand the case, firstly the message which got leaked into the media and allegedly conte send to Costa was in English, Costa doesn't understand the language let alone Reading it, Costa allegedly send a text in what language we don't know either of which Spanish or Portuguese I don't think conte understands. from where did it kick up or did Costa's agent said him to cook something up who knows. But a communication gap is there for m 100% sure Costa can't understand English someone else might have replied

  • Belotti, case closed

  • Answer the question lukaku outscored costa in past 3 season


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