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Wayne’s World 2 movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don’t miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESCRIPTION: Wayne (Mike Myers) asks …

25 Responses to Wayne’s World 2 (10/10) Movie CLIP – A Real Actor (1993) HD

  • In his prime charlton Heston could have held his own against chuck Norris.
    Not claiming he’d win! Just sayin Chuck Norris would need a few band aids
    and an ice pack ?

  • I love that the guy that actually moves the Bad Actor out of shot and
    replaces him with Charlton Heston is Steven Surjik, the director of the

  • He’s got such a great voice. ?

  • The little pat on the shoulder, while the tear is rolling down his cheek,
    is the icing on the cake.?

  • I laugh uproariously every single time I watch this?

  • Love how Mike Myers seems to be geeking out a bit: “Oh my gosh, it’s better
    than I wanted–it’s CHARLTON HESTON!!!”?

  • can we get a spinoff (reboot if you will) of this character from wayne’s
    world about his time with this girl on gordon street? haha…?

  • RIP Charlton Heston. ?

  • There are no small parts, only small actors.?

  • Charlton Heston is a class act. It’s fitting that, at the end of Bowling
    for Columbine, Michael Moore is the one left looking like a total prick and
    not him.?

  • Don Heston termino siendo un viejo facho, pero eso si, un actorazo y por
    mucho tiempo estuvo mas fuerte que un Falcon 69?

  • I WANT THAT BEAR *thunder sounds*?

  • Ah yes Gordon Street?

  • This has to be the single, most epic, “serious” scene in any comedy, EVER!?

  • Even in a miniscule cameo, the man still owns the screen.?

  • Love Chuck?

  • lol loves this?

  • richie rich- judging by your face u must be getting small horror parts at
    As a.trained actor tell us the meaning of ‘ MOVIE EXTRA’ – illiterate

  • Damn dirty apes!?

  • thank you?

  • This is a good list, but Michael Biehn needs to be on here somewhere. That
    guys dies in everything! Except Aliens… which is ironic considering just
    about everyone else does. Long live Hicks!?

  • At the start of this clip, you can tell the phoney actor is trying real
    hard to be Charlton Heston. The real deal was the icing on the cake lol.

  • Even in a ‘messing about’ bit-part Heston still blows everyone off the

  • What is that supposed to mean?

  • I’ll always love this part


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