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Perhaps the most controversial player in Barca is Sergio Busquets who is only 22 years old. The reason for this is because of his recent success in Barcelona and his role in Spain. While some consider Busquets a wolf in sheep’s clothing others consider him a pioneer in the role of defensive midfielder. There are always two sides to every story. The question is if, despite other good players, if Sergio Busquets deserves his starting spot in the starting lineup.

Many people believe that Sergio Busquets does deserve his spot in the starting lineup of the. national team, because there is simply no other alternative. Albelda and Senna could fill the spot and are good players but they are going nowhere because they are too old. In addition, he is a better player than the rest of the players. His has the aura of an accomplished player and his natural and calm temperament and touch hold him in good standing with the famous style.

Sergio Busquets easily links up to the play that is attacking, gets forward well, holds his midfield position, when given the time can find a good pass, and he holds the ball pretty well. Many of his fans agree that he really does seem like a great prospect when he has a good game.

However, others feel that his game reeks of mediocrity. They feel that he isn’t good enough to make the Spanish line up. They also believe that he might be good enough to make the Greek national team, but there are just too many alternatives on the Spanish national team. They think that he shouldn’t be in the starting lineup because Spain doesn’t require a defensive midfielder. They argue that Spain should deploy no, or at the most one, defensive midfield positions so that some space could be freed up for some of Spain’s more promising attacking/center midfield positions with players such as Alonso, Albelda, Alcantara, Canales, Xavi, Iniesta, Silva, or Fabregas. While Ibrahim was good enough to lead his team to a win in the euro, he is also getting older.

Another question is if Javier Mascherano should be benched. Many people feel that he should be if for no other reason than Busquets is home grown and Mascherano is an import. In addition, Busquets performs well with the team primarily because he fits into system since he was brought up in the youth academy of Barcelona.

However, others believe that Mascherano shouldn’t be benched. They feel that Busquets should be Mascherano’s substitute and apprentice in case Mascherano should needs a rest or gets injured. There is no reason for Barca to buy Mascherano and not play him in favor of a younger Busquets. He is a player who has reached numerous heights in Liverpool and has experience as a solid defensive midfield position.

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