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At first, while rubbing the disbelief from the ol’ baby blues, it looked to read “mean” instead of “men”, which I thought to be the next evolution in the desalination of society.

Turns out it’s a lot better than that.

The story is equally ridiculous, and seemingly without “foundation”…or blush.

Feguifoot media officer David Monsuy explained to AFP: “They are saying that Genoveva Ayong Man and Salimata Simpaore are men. It was the press in Nigeria which started it, with Cameroon following afterwards.”

The accusations surfaced after the CAN in South Africa which was won by Nigeria who beat Equatorial… Continue reading

These moves have been unofficial for some time with FIFA reportedly just dropping them from consideration and pushing the 2018 World Cup to Europe, but today they’ve been made official – probably with some heavy pushing from FIFA.

Nothing’s really changed but the names on the bid committee: World Cup 2018 has always been heading to Europe, while 2022 will go either Asia (including Australia) or the US.The news reads as such:

FIFA says the United States has pulled out of the bidding race for the 2018 World Cup to focus on getting hosting rights in 2022.

FIFA… Continue reading

If you had to guess the most sustainable, greenest stadium in the world, you might understandably assume it was one of the new ones, one of those towering behemoths built for a recent World Cup or Olympics. After all, environmental concerns are certainly a bigger part of planning a new stadium now than they were, say, 30 years ago. But you’d be, as I was, wrong. In at least some respects, the greenest park in world football is Croke Park, appropriately home of the Republic of Ireland, and a stadium first opened in 1913.

In May 2010, Croke Park… Continue reading

Friday, June 11, 2010 is sure to be an unforgettable date in the minds of all Africans and soccer fans worldwide as the day Africa comes to be the venue for the FIFA World Cup. For the past 80 years, the FIFA World Cup host countries have been in either Europe or the Americas. Just how is the location for a FIFA World Cup decided?The latest selection policy is that any country can bid for the world cup as long as their continental confederation hasn’t hosted it in the past two years which makes a Africa very eligible. South… Continue reading

Welcome to the most infuriating window in football: the post-big tournament transfer season. There is nothing more nauseating, unsettling or frustrating than watching rumor after rumor spill out onto the pages as journalists do their best to match which successful tournament performance matches with a particular team. Often, it’s simply an exercise in insulting our intelligence.

So come be infuriated with us.There will be plenty of time for the mid-level transfers, but for now it’s all about the big movers and shakers of world football. And Ashley Cole.

Along with captaining World Cup winning nations, Iker Casillas also moonlights… Continue reading


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