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A historic milestone was hit in the world of Twitter: 20 billion short little bursts, 19.9 of which belong to Darren Bent.

But in the process of learning about Twitterstones, we’ve found this surprising little nugget:

Twitter’s popularity in Japan has soared in the past year with the company estimating that the Japanese send about 12% of all tweets worldwide, second only to the US. One reason for this surge is that it is possible to say much more in Japanese than in English within Twitter’s 140 character limit. Twitter activity reached an all time high of 3,283 tweets… Continue reading

I didn’t know who Larissa Riquelme was before today. I’d seen her picture in Chris’ World Cup Awards post last week (and had felt an overwhelming desire to make phone calls for the rest of the day) and had seen multiple photos of her since, but had assumed the attractive lady in red, white and blue was just a particularly stunning soccer fan.

Turns out she’s actually a Paraguayan lingerie model with massive massive… enthusiasm for la albirroja.

I should credit Dirty Tackle with my putting two and two together and figuring out who Riquelme was:

Described as Paraguay’s No.… Continue reading

Team of the Day: South Korea – and by some margin. They were dynamic, skillful, disciplined and prepared. Floating around the pitch cutting angles and making intelligent runs with the occasional pass to match while staying strong defensively despite charging fullbacks (Cha Du-Ri was particularly impressive – largely because he was being urged on by bikini-clad fans), it wasn’t quite the ‘70 Brazil, but they were shining brightly and have easily become the early candidate for surprise, and perhaps Cinderella, of the tournament.

Next up: Argentina. There’s only one thing left to do.

Who’s hungry?

Player of the Day: Vincent… Continue reading

Remember our Which World Cup Team Wants it the Most? post from earlier this week? Well it may need rewriting. Because news broke recently that the US national team is being offered a reported $20.6m should they win the World Cup in South Africa. Split 23 ways that’s $895,131 each. Quite the persuasive little prize pot.

Of course the players will say that win bonuses have nothing to do with anything, and that they want to win the World Cup because it’s worth winning. And not just because you can melt the trophy down and sell the gold afterwards. But… Continue reading

We’ve already posted the prediction that World Cup 2010 will set records on Facebook and Twitter. If you need the size of this event underlining for you, then think about in terms of demand for online data. Specifically video.

Apparently the biggest video event so far has been Barack Obama’s inauguration as President of the United States. But according to Tom Leighton, Chief Scientist (great job title) at Web service company Akamai Technologies Inc., that record is about to fall:

“The biggest single event we’ve seen so far was the Obama inauguration. That exceeded a terabit a second”… Continue reading


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