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The bid nonsurprise today was that there was a mild surprise – Qatar – which poked its way through to World Cup glory. Russia was always one of the likely candidates, but everyone had thought the United States and their safe bid would conquer the day.

Not so, and legacy building was apparently more important to FIFA than a bit of a cash guarantee.

These are the breakdowns for voting on the bids, via the Guardian.

Two major, major surprises from the tallies:

i. England never had a prayer, some of which may be sour grapes due to the BBC… Continue reading

The clock is tumbling down on the World Cup 2018/2022 bid process, now at less than 48 hours. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably heard every rumor imaginable, and that everyone outside of The Betherlands (a portmanteau seemingly too good to pass up – even Nelgium works – but they will) and South Korea (which will be placated by the 2018 Winter Olympics), has been tipped to receive the tournament.

However, a key piece of info has arisen:

England and the U.S. are the only countries bidding to host the World Cup in 2018 and 2022 that can meet… Continue reading

These moves have been unofficial for some time with FIFA reportedly just dropping them from consideration and pushing the 2018 World Cup to Europe, but today they’ve been made official – probably with some heavy pushing from FIFA.

Nothing’s really changed but the names on the bid committee: World Cup 2018 has always been heading to Europe, while 2022 will go either Asia (including Australia) or the US.The news reads as such:

FIFA says the United States has pulled out of the bidding race for the 2018 World Cup to focus on getting hosting rights in 2022.

FIFA… Continue reading

Confession time: I must admit I did not have high hopes for the highlights of a “World Cup” for those still in the midst of a high school education. I was very, very wrong and rather blown away by the astonishing expertise with which these “women” (they’re girls, really) can hit a Jabulani. The men from the summer’s edition should be blushing in shame.

South Korea beat Japan on Saturday to win the Women’s U-17 World Cup, and it’s a good thing they did or else maternal areas the world one would’ve felt too much pain to continue on. The South Korean keeper, Minah Kim, had an adventurous normal time to say the least: the first Japanese goal was just cruel – how is a child supposed to jump high enough?; the second was a proper Jabulani’ing, which makes her qualified to start for most senior teams of the male persuasion; and the third was a bad spill into the six.

However, she’d have her chance for retribution in extras – South Korea would actually pay back both on their second goal – and Minah would come good, with some added help from So Dam Lee’s monster volley in the 79th to equalize. Maternal areas of the world are now safe, though it’s best not to scope out the Japanese post-game photos.

Superdramatic highlights set to superdramatic metal-cum-choir follow, with an added bonus of some Jabulani specials: Continue reading

Yes, that Byron Moreno; the man who earned infamy across the globe with some rather suspicious decisions during the Italy v South Korea World Cup Round of 16 game in 2002. Safe to say he’s not exactly beloved in Italy, even if the next try went rather well.

Suspended a number of times for incompetence and now removed from the game, he’s hit the headlines once again: for trying to smuggle 6 kilos of heroin into the US.This could add another theory or two to the running list of what, or who, was behind that game. Maybe he was… Continue reading

As we’ve already noted twice (and won’t be noting again, promise) the big names in the Nike ad all failed to produce at World Cup 2010. But they’re really part of a larger trend, in that no single superstar has yet emerged to dominate this tournament in the way that Ronaldo (the original Ronaldo) did in 1998 and 2002, or do something to be talked about for generations, as Roger Milla did in 1990.

There have been some impressive performances though. So I’m wondering, if Nike had waited until this point of the tournament to make their Write the Future… Continue reading


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