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And yes, the BBC is on the list, possibly ranked one through three.

Ghosting around the internet today is like stumbling through a scorched earth, and anything with a superfluous u runs the gamut from rage to sorrow to bewilderment to magnanimousness, having been forcibly removed of their inalienable right to win the bid. Because they’re England, or something.

Hopefully this video can bring a sense of understanding and closure to the grand old tournament which will be World Cup 2018: Not England, allowing an entire nation to move on and maybe, just maybe, admit that if David Cameron… Continue reading

Still doing everything they can to convince the world that Qatar is a feasible location for the 2022 World Cup, the Qatar Petrochemical Company created the world’s largest shirt – Guinness approved – for the bid. Because big @#$%ing shirts will quash the notion that Qatar is too hot and too small to host a World Cup all by its lonesome in the summer months.

Which is the type of logic we expect from the US bid.

What this achieves outside of absolutely nothing, no one knows, but the shirt was obviously and hilariously made in China.

49 days and counting until the decision on World Cups 2018 & 2022 is made, so the bid nations are releasing their details in a huff.

Well, Qatar and Japan are, anyway. They’re waging battle for a futuristic, mind-numbingly expensive Asian cup while the rest of the world sort of sits back and watches.

Japan has detailed some of the technology it has planned for the tournament in the above video, including: the holographic replication of players and scantily-clad dancers, automatic translators inspired by Star Trek and human flight.

I’d just like to explain something for those not from the States:

Morgan Freeman narrates absolutely everything in the US. Everything. It’s a little-known rule his spoken presence to all things video been added as the 28th Amendment to the Constitution and he’s so omnipresent most Americans wake up from dreams with the sudden urge to watch March of the Penguins. Rumors even suggest Chuck Norris can woo the Sirens, but goes mute around Morgan Freeman.

However, they really dropped the ball by not concluding this video in classic Morgan Freeman form: Pretty please…[dramatic pause]…pretty please. I mean really… Continue reading

In 140 days, two bids will be given the task of assembling the world’s biggest traveling circus, one in 2018 and another in 2022. One of the greatest beneficiaries in the process is us, of course – the fans. As the movers and handshakers worry about the details, we’re being thumped on the head with futuristic playgrounds conceptualized in a architectural race for design supremacy and, hopefully, a World Cup. Perfect example: Qatar’s double bid we featured not long ago.

Russia and Dynamo Moscow have joined the race, blueprinting up an insane new stadium – a complex, really –… Continue reading


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