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K Koke opened up to VladTV about being arrested for attempted murder just four months after being the first UK rapper to sign a deal with Roc Nation. He explained that police wrongly accused him of shooting a man at a train station after claiming that they used stills from camera footage to identify K Koke as the shooter.

After being in jail without bail for eight months, K Koke went to trial, and the evidence from police was thrown out because it wasn’t credible. The alleged shooter was later charged with the crime, and K Koke addressed whether he… Continue reading

* Patient SelectionThe surgery procedure can start from the moment a person decides to have the hair restoration surgery, and chosen to be a candidate. Usually, patients are evaluated at large by their medical history and general health, any infectious and allergic tendencies, hair loss evaluation, nowadays surgeons conduct scalp biopsy tests to ensure that the patients gets the prominent hair growth they have invested for the swanky hair transplant price.* What To ExpectPatients usually aim or expect to have a “head full of hair”, which is many times broken down to the factual factors of donor density, donor and… Continue reading

If you have vaginal bleeding during or just after sexual intercourse when you’re not menstruating, you should pay much attention to it. Women whose ages are between 20 and 40 are more likely to suffer from this phenomenon. Vaginal bleeding after sex is usually comes from cervix, which is the narrow, lower end of the uterus. If the cells of your cervix become inflamed or otherwise abnormal, sexual intercourse can cause enough friction to cause bleeding. Vaginal bleeding after sex is not something that could not be ignored. There is a laundry list of possible causes. Here 4 gynecological diseases… Continue reading

The World Cup group G first round match, the battle Garner will start in the natal dunes, after just 29 seconds, the captain Deng Puxi forbidden area left by a player after the foot shoots the far angle, the ball went into the net, this is the fastest goal since the start of the world cup; the fastest goal in World Cup history on the list, this goal can also ranked fifth. The United States and the Garner 3 consecutive World Cup meet, the game, the Garner team was the first to kick-off, but soon to be the United States… Continue reading

Properties abroad are bought for a number of reasons: a retirement home, investment as a buy to let, second home or as a holiday home. With the latter three particularly, it is often a case of the property potentially being empty for periods of time. What many buyers want is to be able to earn some money from it when not using it personally. However this isn’t easy if you aren’t in situ to manage your property as a holiday let, especially if it is somewhere like Northern Cyprus. Property letting in Northern Cyprus may pose difficulties because it is… Continue reading

The current first place of the Spanish League and 18-time La Liga champion, Barcelona FC preserved its 6-points at the top of the table by beating Valladolid 1-0 this past Saturday. Barcelona was criticized by the press over the after-effect of the break of international games since the majority of the Barça’s players were called by the national teams of their own countries to perform in the world cup qualifications. However, their tiredness wasn’t shown as the Culés were playing more consistently than Valladolid, who seemed more exhausted than Barça at the end.

Both teams began balanced; however Valladolid started… Continue reading

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Jonathan Joubert, the Luxembourg goalkeeper who shut out France in the recent 0-0 draw in World Cup qualifying, speaks to about that historic result and the Roud Léiwen's rise on the FIF [read] hears from Australia's first-ever The Best nominee Sam Kerr about her stellar rise, learning from Carli Lloyd and sharing the red carpet with Cristiano Ronaldo. [read]

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We look back at the Final of the FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015 when Carli Lloyd's wonder goal from the halfway line secured a third title for USA. [read]

FIFA vice-president Victor Montagliani has been elected by the extraordinary General Assembly and the Board of Directors of FIFA Ticketing AG as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of FIFA Ticketin [read]