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Stanley Meyer 1992 Interview

copy of an important video I recently found on youtube here: Many thanks for making this video available. Regards, Stefan. P.S: Good magnets could…
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  • The reason why no one could create a water powered car from his patent, is
    because its a fake patent, they changed it after murdering him.?

  • If you want to get the plans….
    to convert your car to HHO
    Go to Google and Search for:
    *”Top HHO Gas Car Research”*
    Click the First Result (Skip the Advertisement)?

  • In America, in the 70’s there was a guy who had a car that ran on water
    called Stanley Meyer, many people say he was killed by the oil companies.?

  • I wonder why some MIT grads haven’t figured out how to do this, the
    solution seems to be completely explained here.?

  • Pure Genius. RIP Stan you were too loyal to a country that is run by EVIL?

  • some body note in the other car? at the back of his car he using a redi
    line generator! that means he not just using 12 volts to produce hho he
    using high voltage ac im didn’t know about this generator until now. that’s
    why he can produce a lot of hho to run the car?

  • Sounds like professor Irwin Corey.?

  • I have been involved with electronics all my life and know a lot of
    theory,.that said, Stan is blabbering idiotic terminology bordering on
    flux capacitors.
    In other words, he’s full of shit. Now before you all go psycho on me let
    me explain that he’s not out right lying. This is what crack pot inventors
    do when they endeavor into things that are not based on science and defy
    the laws of energy conservation. This is because they believe it’s
    possible, just like people of blind faith believe. They do this to lure
    other believers in and donate money and continue trying to accomplish the

  • burning at the sparkplug only? did anybody else get that? everyone is
    making these electrolysis devices but he just said the only poiht in which
    the oxygen from hydrogen is seperated is when the wster reaches the

  • youtube removed my copy of this…… why is this one still here? does not
    matter to me……keep it up……i hope it stays posted, this is the
    greatist video of all times

  • if anything, the government should’ve protected this man. His technology
    could’ve made the world see water in a whole new way. Maybe they were
    afraid of what his technology would have on the value of water and the
    value of oil. We need to get all cars to run on this technology now!! No
    more paying for gas, just get water from your faucet and drive!!! Water is
    reusable and renewable.

  • @YELBIHS i have no faith, zero faith , i have no faith that tomorrow i will
    wake up. i have no faith that i will fall asleep when i am tired. So no i
    don’t technically have faith in myself . yes i am able to get over
    struggles in life and move forward and learn and grow despite lack of
    faith. i believe in myself the things i am capable of doing. that’s not
    faith that’s my perception on my reality, reality is not always changing
    its a constant only your perception on reality changes .

  • @shaktiIIIgta It WAS PROVEN OTHERWISE, so much so that NASA uses it on its
    space shuttle. Time to wake up…

  • Stan was a con artist. At best HHO cars get about a 25% improvement in gas
    economy. You can get the same improvement by installing water injection as
    all these systems do is improve the combustion process efficiency. Stan’s
    claim his engine ran on water only is a complete lie.

  • thanks for that agreed some human! is a term as well

  • people need to wake up

  • Thanks man

  • Thanks A Million Stefan. Please continue to post up these videos as often
    as you locate them. This is the single most profound video I’ve ever seen
    relating to this subject. Stanley Meyer speaks with profound clarity- and
    experience. Thank you 🙂

  • Stan’s weakness was he trusted the DOD… got him killed.

  • @Galv140577 You did already reply.. Here’s the deal.. Cars breath way more
    oxygen than we do while exhaling co2, water, and “unburnt hydrocarbons”..
    it is fact that oxygen levels have dropped a lot.. the unburnt hydrocarbons
    are due to the motor not getting enough oxygen.. they put turbo charger/
    compressors on the intake of motors to “boost” performance.. how does it
    boost? By forcing more oxygen into a cylinder which is upping the oxygen
    level giving the ability to burn more fuel

  • / h h o . s h t m l just star at end, and
    backspace-leftarrow repeatedly

  • @Galv140577 we know its not toxic but have you ever done the math to see
    HOW MUCH we produce and pump into the atmosphere???? there is a balance for
    the dynamics here if you did not know.. if we pump more CO2 into the
    atmosphere then the plants around the world take in, then we are creating a
    imbalance.. how many pounds of carbon are in 1 gallon of gas? almost 5
    pounds! in 2009 america was using 377million gallons of gasoline a day
    alone not counting diesel or coal.. you do the math!

  • unfortunately we will never drive on free water as to tax the people we
    will get toll roads….but as meyer states we can also make a gas pipe line
    do tyhe same so efficient enrgy at home is possible…so we then will get a
    breathing tax !

  • @rarosera A genius master bullshitter? He built this 30 years ago! Someone
    else would have come out with this invention again by now. There are so
    many videos on You Tube about hydrogen generator carrying
    vehicles………..but all the videos are suspicious. I’m yet to see anyone
    air a convincing video…..and that’s after seeing 200 or so! Like
    UFO’s….none offer undeniable proof. Mr. Meyer fails too to convince us
    here. Why? The cameraman here is an idiot! Why?

  • stan was an ego maniac who received his ideas by reading the patents by the
    man who came up with this. andrija puharich. stans patents are vague
    because if he put the specifics in there it would be obvious where he got
    them from. religious nut total ego maniac.


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