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Age and death are inevitable, but some people don’t think that way. In any case, it is people who have been able to think differently that have been able to effect the greatest changes in human and scientific development since the inception of man. Perhaps it is why anti aging might eventually be much of a success after all. So, regardless of your age, a good anti aging formula that works is to continue to “think” and “feel” like a young person. You will be amazed at how this will work to make you “look” younger.

Signs of aging do have a way of growing on you. You never see them coming, but one day you wake up, and they are there. That is why you need to begin your anti aging processing early. The medication and exercises might not stop you from growing old, but they could at least keep you from looking it.

A longer, healthier and happier life is possible with anti aging. With all the research over the years, and all advancements in areas like tissue and genetic engineering, it cannot even be much of a problem anymore.

Cheating death is easy. All you need do is welcome it. It is a trick that has worked for ages and will continue to. The more you fear something, the more it hunts you down; the more you welcome it, the longer it takes for it to overpower you.

You will find all kinds of nutrition and physical fitness products in a convenience store that will help you with anti aging. Also some skin care lotions, hormone replacements, and vitamins are known to be helpful. You can top them off with various supplements and herbs. Some physicians recommend them for life extension programs.

Andrew Weil works holistic health and alternative medicine for the purpose of anti aging and life extension. They also delve into herbal supplements for food and health. The Life Extension Foundation on the other hand focuses of general supplements and overall research, while the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine specializes in medical practitioners who carry out various technical and practical steps that solve aging problems in human beings.

Can you imagine injecting your testicles with substance? Well, our fathers tried it! The ones who were obsessed with the mania of living forever. Needless to say, they failed then, and we are likely to fail again trying it now, no matter how close we seem to be.

Life extension is a popular subject in many circles in the United States today. But the question of why this is so remains something of a bother. With all the pain in the world, why would anyone desire to hang around much longer? You should welcome it when it comes upon you, not fight.

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