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Video Rating: 4 / 5 – Adidas e um grande comercial com David Becham, Gareth Bale, Lucas Moura e Zinedine Zidane. E você, curte os produtos da Adidas? Será que com uma chuteira…

25 Responses to gareth bale injury againts blackpool

  • Always adam?

  • Why do people like this?

  • Oh how ignorant are u…

  • He ruptured his ankle ligaments you ass. I would love someone do it to you,
    then you can feel what he felt you dumbass keyboard warrior.

  • All scousers stink. Your team is absolute garbage. You accent is painful to
    hear. Oh and your getting relegated next season under avb. He was only good
    enough to wipe mourinho’s ass. Fooookkkk the lor a ya la!!! Il be smiling
    when your in the championship 😀

  • Yeh, but the tackle wasn’t even that bad. I know he got injured but that
    doesn’t mean that it was a horrific tackle. I have seen worse tackles that
    players come out injury free. If you watch the video closely you will see
    that Adam is going for the ball but the other player kicks the ball away
    and Adam catches Bales ankle. It wasn’t deliberate, it was just mistimed.

  • at least bale got a real injury for once

  • CHARLIE ADAM = complete Scottish no good shit cunt hahaha WANKER

  • @paulclark115 shut the fuck up you disrespectful twat. He was out for 3
    months from this. Even if you hate the team and player still show him some
    respect. Any long term injury is awful no matter who it is to and
    especially when its from a shocking tackle like this

  • Hope Adam suffer a broken leg soon…

  • Guys bale didnt dive…. He tore all of the ligaments in his ankle

  • fuck charlie adam

  • lol

  • Wow horrible tackle

  • Adam proves time and time again, why he is a horrible player.

  • Good tackle

  • Liverpool had always been a fairly clean club with honest players, but with
    recent signings like Downing (diving), Adam (diving & dirty tackles) and
    Suarez (pretty much everything…though I don’t think he’s racist), we’re
    becoming a club that is being increasingly hated. In a poll in 2005,
    Liverpool were voted as being the favourite second club (favourite team
    after your own) from the EPL. I doubt we’ll have that sort of popularity
    now. We’re probably hated like Chelsea and we’re not even good.

  • Fantastic tackle.

  • bale is a fucking cry bab…y there was hardly any serious in that..

  • If bale wasnt such a pussy always rolling about tyring to get players sent
    off everytime he’s breathed on, maybe non-spuds fans would give a shit when
    he is genuinely hurt

  • OMG that’s just fxcking dirty! Cleats up ! Banned for life !

  • well last few seasons you’ve been in our shadow, quite far down the league
    liverpool these days. what position you going for this year, 8th?

  • Scotsman vs a Welshman. As im English i dislike either. but Adam is just
    breaking up play whether he takes the man or not play was broken up. That’
    s his job, break play up and release the ball. Bale is just a mardy cunt
    and is throwing a tantrum because he got hurt. its football, some tackles
    are pretty, other not, that’s what happens when you play a contact sport.

  • 30 game ban,you are fucking retarded.

  • Wow a completely fair analysis. Wasn’t expecting that amongst the bad
    language &hysteria. Unfortunate timing that the ball got kicked
    away.Certainly aggressive and clumsy, but totally aiming for the ball and
    had it not deflected away an instant earlier he would have got it. Bale
    getting injured was just unlucky, don’t think there was any malice, and as
    for the tackle a few days ago, it was just an innocuous trip and his studs
    caught Bale’s instep. The bigger issue is Adam being shit.


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