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The World Cup group G first round match, the battle Garner will start in the natal dunes, after just 29 seconds, the captain Deng Puxi forbidden area left by a player after the foot shoots the far angle, the ball went into the net, this is the fastest goal since the start of the world cup; the fastest goal in World Cup history on the list, this goal can also ranked fifth. The United States and the Garner 3 consecutive World Cup meet, the game, the Garner team was the first to kick-off, but soon to be the United States team ball, Jermaine Jones straight biography forbidden area, Deng Puxi in the restricted area after the ball past Garner is a defensive player, in the face of the other goalkeeper case, Captain America left foot pushes shoots the far angle the goal of the competition, the ball into, just 29 seconds into the official figures. 29 seconds also created the fastest goal since the start of the world cup, the fastest goal which is produced in the Beijing time 16 days of Argentina and Bosnia Herzegovina in the match, the Argentina team won the frontcourt place kick opportunity. Messi penalty kicks the ball was Rojo road a rub, the ball up to the point after the Bosnian defender Cora Cyna F’s leg, the ball flew into the net, in 130 seconds. At the same time it is also the World Cup history quickest goal. Record book open the World Cup history quickest goal, this goal Deng Puxi (29 seconds) can also ranked in fifth place, the history of the fifth block goal after 31 seconds, by France’s Bernard · create Lacombe in the 1978 World Cup. (Altman) of the fastest goal in World Cup History (ten) 1, Hakan Sucre Turkey South Korea in June 29, 2002 2 than 3 Turkey 11 seconds 2, tile collet Fu · mosaic Czechoslovakia June 7, 1962 3 Mexico 1 Czechoslovakia 15 seconds 3, Ernst · Reiner Germany in June 7, 1934 Germany 3 2 Austria 25 seconds 4, Blaine &middot England England 3; his June 16, 1982 1 France 28 seconds 5, Deng Puxi of the United States in June 17, 2014 the United States 2-1 Garner 29 seconds 6, Bernard · Lacombe France in June 2, 1978 in Italy 2 1 France 31 7 seconds, Amir France France in June 5, 1938 3 more than 1 Belgium 35 seconds 8, Arne · Niberi Sweden June 16, 1938 Hungary 5 than 1 Sweden 35 seconds 9 and Florian · Albert June 3, 1962 Hungary Hungary 6 than 1 Bulgarian 50 seconds 10, Adel Bert in Romania in July 14, 1930 1 Romania 3 Peru 50 seconds

forbidden area left by a player after the foot shoots the far angle, the ball went into the net, this is


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