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A great shot that beat keeper Molina from the half way line.
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25 Responses to David Villa’s goal

  • Crazy boy?

  • Chelsea?

  • When El Guaje wants to score, noone can stop him.

  • @masalamaggi lol a kid? am older than you, mate and i don’t think that
    Drogba is better than Rooney, i know that Drogba is way better than Rooney,
    and mate if you want to say Rooney is better than eto because of the goal
    diffrence then you just proved my point even more on how Drogba is miles
    better than Rooney because Drogba scored much more goals than Rooney this
    season and got the golden boot last season. end of my friend 🙂 your done
    with, face it utd fan, Rooney is not all that…

  • -.-””

  • @ynwa1000 suicide my friend…you’re so wrong…

  • @ynwa1000 the thing is, your not even in the champions league anymore so u
    cant play them

  • only villa…

  • alejedrez que te jodan a ti

  • Its clearly not the best team in the world, because we destroyed them 4-0.
    The only reason you can buy all the players you want is because the bloody
    king of spain pays of all your debt.

  • i liked david villa+ i hate real madrid=i hate david villa

  • my cousin argue with me just becuz i told that Iniesta and Xavi one of them
    deserve to be the player of this year…and he told me .NO. Robben or
    Snieder deserve…any 1 gives his opinion?.

  • 1. villa 2.cristian ronaldo 3.messi 4.gyan asamoath 5.klose jejeje los
    mejores ahora mismo

  • one of the bests players

  • @masalamaggi stop with the excuses idiot… Drogba was injured too for your
    information and longer than Rooney ¬¬ and this season Rooney is rubbish so
    they don’t want him to waste chances for them, Alex Ferguson made the right
    choice by not putting him on as much because he knows that he blasts the
    ball and misses most of the chances that true footballers wont miss…

  • He is amazing

  • The best striker!

  • Like ako ste ovdje preko FC Barcelona Balkan Fans 😀

  • ???? ???? ??? ?? ????

  • Barcelona, with Messi, Villa, Xavi, Piqué, Puyol and Pedro, their rivals
    are fucked!

  • What language is that?

  • @ynwa1000 Interesting opinion you got there. Im a Real Madrid fan, because
    I like most of the players that play in Real, and I like its playing style.
    Its fun to watch. It’s got nothing to do with hunting glory as you say. But
    anyway, reason why I came to this video is that I think David Villa is the
    best player in the world.

  • it’s a pity u said madred, he’d be better in madrid ‘hadsarah’

  • I’ve never heard of that, but what I do know is that FC Barcelona had its
    debt payed by Franco in the 1960s because the construction of the Camp Nou
    had left them financially dead

  • david villa rocks


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