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A DMB fan favorite, The Dreaming tree performed 2003-07-03.
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25 Responses to Dave Matthews Band -The Dreaming Tree

  • Good Stuff! I have a Dave Matthews cover that’s worth a watch as well. Much

  • I have a dreaming tree.
    Happy Wednesday morning to everybody.?

  • “the Dreaming Tree”
    Standing here the old man said to me
    “Long before these crowded streets
    Here stood my dreaming tree”
    Below it he would sit for hours at a time
    Now progress takes away what forever took to find
    And now he’s falling hard he feels the falling dark
    How he longs to be beneath his dreaming tree
    Conquered fear to climb a moment froze in time
    When the girl who first he kissed promised him she’d be his
    Remembered mother’s words there beneath the tree
    “No matter what the world, you’ll always be my baby”
    Mommy come quick the dreaming tree has died
    The air is growing thick a fear he cannot hide
    The dreaming tree has died
    Oh have you no pity?
    This thing I do I do not deny it
    All through this smile as crooked as danger
    I do not deny I know in my mind
    I would leave you now if I had the strength to
    I would leave you up to your own devices
    Will you not talk? Can you take pity?
    I don’t ask much but won’t you speak please?
    From the start she knew she had it made
    Easy up ’til then for sure she’d make the grade
    Adorers came in hordes to lay down in her wake
    Gave it all she had but treasures slowly faded
    Now she’s falling hard feels the fall of dark
    How did this fall apart? She drinks to fill it up
    A smile of sweetest flowers, wilted so and soured
    Black tears stain the cheeks that once were so admired
    She thinks when she was small there on her father’s knees
    How he had promised her “You’ll always be my baby”
    “Daddy come quick the dreaming tree has died
    I can’t find my way home, there is no place to hide
    The dreaming tree has died”
    Shake, shake, shake, shake
    If I had the strength to
    I would leave you up to your own devices
    Will you not talk? Can you take pity?
    I don’t ask much but won’t you speak please?
    [Incomprehensible] much time
    Take me back, take me back, take me back
    Take me back, take me back, take me back
    Take me back, save me please, take me back

  • really your going to talk about time signitures during this song

  • How much of this did Stefan write?

  • Dave & the band RULEZ <3 Thanks Dave !

  • what do you think this song is about?

  • What the hell are you talking about? Some Devil* had some amazing songs on
    it… So Damn Lucky, Oh, Stay or Leave, Gravedigger, Some Devil… all very
    solid live songs. I agree the DMB is better when together, but Dave is no
    pushover solo

  • Wow. What a truely amazing song. Absolutely love Dave.

  • it makes me want to cry when people don’t appreciate/respect this band

  • wow

  • anyone ever had their heart broken?…..won’t you speak, PLEASE

  • looks like LeRoi’s playing a flute

  • My first DMB show [= Hopin for a live trax someday.

  • In regards to the music, I’ll be honest, I have no idea. I was responding
    to a previous poster who I assumed was referring to the lyrics, which
    Stefan did write.

  • beauty dan captured Roi on his penny whistle…. RIP …

  • i know i was, i was just talking about the one song on youtube so i can
    post it on myspace profile….but thanks though…i plan on purchasing it

  • what does that even say?

  • It has come to my attetion that this man’s music comes from another
    dimension, I thik higher than ours, so, be glad that we can experience it

  • Stefan looks so sad, it gives me shivers.

  • Is this in 7-4 time? I love DMB’s time signatures, they rock my world.

  • Are you talking about Dave’s daughter? Because I thought they weren’t even
    born yet, when he released this song.

  • Are they continuing the current tour w/o Le Roy?

  • My first and, so far, favorite album is “Before These Crowded Streets”.
    funny Enough, I bought “Under the Table and Dreaming” on tape for the car.
    I never owned or ripped “Crash”. Bt since then, “Busted Stuff” is probably
    another favorite of mine.

  • gotta love my man carter back there on the drums doin his thang!!


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