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Dave Matthews Band May 25, 2013 Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY 01:08 Seek Up 21:45 Intro to… 23:02 Don’t Drink the Water 30:18 The Idea of You 36:06 Rooftop 43:26…

25 Responses to Dave Matthews Band – 5/25/13 – [Full Show] – SPAC N1 – [Multicam/HQ-Audio] – Saratoga Springs, NY

  • Dave Matthews Band
    May 25, 2013
    Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY

    01:08 Seek Up
    21:45 Intro to…
    23:02 Don’t Drink the Water
    30:18 The Idea of You
    36:06 Rooftop
    43:26 Drum Intro
    47:32 Say Goodbye
    55:02 So Right
    1:01:56 Joyride
    1:06:39 Where Are You Going
    1:12:30 Grey Street
    1:19:43 Spaceman »
    1:25:58 Corn Bread
    1:32:38 Snow Outside
    1:44:48 Shake Me Like a Monkey
    1:48:56 Drunken Soldier
    1:59:14 Jimi Thing
    2:17:14 What You Are
    2:23:35 —EncoreBreak—
    2:26:19 Little Thing (tease)
    2:27:42 Belly Belly Nice
    2:32:14 Pantala Naga Pampa »
    2:32:52 Rapunzel


    Temperature at show time: 43 degrees / Rain Showers / Wind NW 16mph / 75%
    Humidity on Stage

    This was the 4th show of DMB’s 2013 summer tour. Five songs in this set
    were played five or less times during the 2013 summer tour (42 shows):
    What You Are, Joyride, Where Are You Going, Say Goodbye, and Seek up

    Limited secondary video sources. Tweeted a number of times while working on
    this but was unable to find many other video clips aside from what was
    already shared on youtube.
    A few songs only have video from the primary source (@Sully4of5- DDTW/Snow
    Outside). Footage between songs is missing in some places – Added stills
    images. Jimi Thing is missing a bit of video
    at the start and has some weak areas where only one far shot source was

    Deinterlace (Where necessary)
    Deshaker (External/Pro)
    Rotation correction by keyframe (Primary)
    Keyframe variable cropping
    Removed any major whistling/etc (RX3 Spectral)
    Sync by frame vid to vid to aud (Timestrecthing req)
    Levels (Gama)
    Video Mix

    Primary Video:@Sully4of5(95% of show)
    Secondary Video: Aerofan2007,@Popeand, @Maxseekup41
    Audio: C.D. KM140s (FLAC 16/DLed/OKed)

    Additional Video:

    Additional Video:
    J. Quick

    This is a free fan media project.

    #DMB #DaveMatthewsBand #DaveMatthews ?

  • Fast Rapunzel > Any other Rapunzel

    ‘The Idea of You” deserves to be on an album. But it’s been around for 9
    years, and probably will go the way of #36 and #40 and never make a studio
    appearance. Oh, and JTR. I was baffled by its omission from Busted Stuff .

  • so happy all your videos are back!! thank you :)?


  • Hi David … connect … we could talk. I build Hammered Dulcimers away
    down here in NC. ?

  • OMG! I love this show!!! ??

  • I was at this show, really good stuff?

  • I was glad to see this concert was not in Florida with the way Tim is

  • One month until SPAC N1! First time there last year & had a blast. Froze
    our asses off & laughing as the boys had heat lamps on stage, but when they
    opened with one of my favorites “Seek Up” all was right. Thanks as always
    Copperpot :)?

  • gotta catch a SPAC show?

  • #dmb?

  • Most LOVE Frosty The Snowman @ 1:16:52 ….But god do I miss LeRoy! ?

  • I was trying to figure out why Rashawn looked to be having a particularly
    hard time with the cold. Then I saw that he’s from the Virgin Islands. No
    wonder he was huddling next to the heater whenever possible.

    Awesome job chestercopperpot! ?

  • I’m digging the winter gear!?

  • Someone disliked this? Maybe they hit the wrong button. Haha?

  • Tim is a jedi?

  • that baseline at 16:00…… oh my yessss?

  • I just realised how it is that you have made this video (with clips shot by
    multiple fans edited and synced to digital audio). I can only imagine how
    long this must take.. The result is incredible.

    Thank you so much.?

  • nice 😉 fun times….party bus june 27 and 28 from boardman ohio to dmb
    who’s in??

  • you should get paid good money for this?

  • Awesome! Thanks so much for all of your work! Any shot for Night 2??

  • Thanks for this! What a cold night but an awesome show. Any chance of a
    night 2 full show? That double encore was pretty amazing night 2.?

  • I was at this show seek up was a little chilly , after that was sweating my
    boys off!!!!!?

  • Awesome as always copperpot!?


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