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The report claimed Messi diliberatly approached Cristiano,making a face gesture to his shoulder, said a few words with hands on his mouth (thats how he talks on the pitch) and the latter quickly…
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25 Responses to Cristiano Shoulder Injury Messi asked him if he is fine.?Die?ussenseiterBN

  • Why is everybody saying CR7 and Messi are both great and that they both
    should be respected. Fuck CR7 that guy is so full of shit grabbing his arm
    like if he really got hurt. He knows he couldn’t keep up with the hat trick
    Messi scored so he starts pretending to be hurt. Pfft you’re all followers
    in my opinion, one guy says love them both and you all go with it. Bunch of
    sheep is what you are?

  • Shoulder Injury…..still scored 2 goals vs Barcelona.?

  • Messi and Ronaldo really respect each other and want each other to play
    well because they just want to enjoy a good game of football……..?

  • Can’t take this seriously because of the fucking voice overs ffs hahahahaha?

  • Poor cr7 cant belive he. Injurd his sholdder?

  • I wonder if the Barca fans that hate Ronaldo and Messi fanboys will
    continue to hate Ronaldo if they played in the same team together… hmmmm?

  • Jajajajaajajaja No mamen con las voces. leian sus pensamientos. parecia
    version de los super campeones.?

  • I feel sorry for him for having to move around jolting his shoulder, you
    can see him purposely pinning his arm straight. If he has to concentrate
    half on his injury and the game they should take him off to get him help. I
    didn’t like the sound effects either, it was like they mocked his pain?

  • ronaldo and messi should just make out already?

  • The fans are the ones who cause the drama between Ronaldo & Messi, they
    blow things way out of proportion..?

  • Messi and Ronaldo dont have any problems with each other, they just play
    their football (amazingly I might add), its the fans that cause all this

  • There is nothing like Ronaldo vs Messi. They are very much different from
    each other. Their game play is very different. And both of them play it
    very brilliantly and amazingly. One is strong man with shooting power and
    control over the ball. Other is amazing dribbler with agility and
    finishing. The respect each other very well. Only fans create the coup of
    “Ronaldo vs Messi”.?

  • I just found out that Ronaldo is older than Messi.


  • How do you know Messi didn’t say to him, ”I hope that shoulder injury is
    the end of your footballing career” or something along those lines.?

  • still a better lovestory than twilight?

  • I speak spanish and the voices they put on messi and ronaldo sound so gay
    PS: Those aren’t nowhere how they sound lmao?

  • Messi and Ronaldo respect each other the ones that made them enemies is the
    fans, the fans rival them against each other arguing who is better but they
    just wanna play a good soccer game and thats it.?

  • Respect both Messi n Ronaldo. They are legends & we are lucky to have such
    players like messi n ronaldo in our generation! ViscaBarça HalaMadrid :)?

  • Why did they make Ronaldo sound gay?!?!?!?

  • haha you know there good buds deep down they just like people to perceive
    the rivalry ?

  • 0:17 did the goal keeper just touch ronaldos ass??

  • the voice over is funny im Portuguese, I didn’t get the Spanish very well
    but I understood most of it couldn’t take this video serious lol ?

  • Cristiano can you please come to my house

  • why they dont sub him??

  • Se le habra salido la cabeza del humero de la cavidad glenoidea de la


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